Just a Thought

I have found self-expression to be very healing but it is funny to look back it things you have created.  It encapsulates moments and feeling that you will never be in again.  Some dark-some happy but all irreplaceable.  As I post my poems I almost hesitated because of some of the sadness but then I thought there is no happiness without sadness.

All emotions have a place.

I now believe true courage is not always being strong at all times but allowing yourself to be vulnerable and unguarded.  I always believed that if I was guarded I wouldn’t get hurt  lol but I did over and over and I did it with regret.  Unguarded you may still get hurt but at least you know you made an effort you tried and I will take a life of no regrets any day.  In all experience there is good and bad choose the embrace the Good.


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