Thoughts unfiltered


Tabs flying open

Never closing


Under motivated

Thoughts unfiltered

Thief of life-opportunity-potential

Words racing-jumbled- mumbled

Spilling out unrecognized

Logical in head spinning

Thoughts’ unfiltered


brilliant brilliance

                                                                                                                              Creative Creativity

Luminous – sparkle-dulled


Thoughts unfiltered




One thought on “Brilliant

  1. manicartist89 says:

    Loved Your Poem! It has “Brilliantly” put ADD/ADHD as they are. Myself, today, between Working with 3 iOS Devices, (They’re my Brain), my Day’s plans ended up being Texting, emailing, making/Answering Phone all day. (Oh, Yeah, and a Self-Portrait Sessioon to email to my Brother, overseas…). ALL OTHER PLANS, Nitrogen in a Tire; Return an Item, find Mounting Hardware for a Seat…, NADA! All Deferred. Even this comment is/was not even Close to my (Moving in 13 days) Plans. Soon, after I move, I’ll Publish my Open Letter about ADD, I wrote, while in College, which got me nearly Expelled, when a Professor Recognized HER-Reactions and Class Punishment in the Article, even though I was actually describing every class, every Professor, every Semester, battling an uncomprehending system before the ADA came into Effect. Thankfully, I wasn’t Expelled (by the Professor)! A few months later, though, in the Spring of ’93, my Second yr in Post-Baccalaureate-Piano Composition and Performance, my Brain Itself, YELLED at me:
    “E N O U G H! and “went on Vacation.” (My Brain said: “No More School;” My Doctor said: “Apply for disability.” That’s another Story though. My Point is that, the Stress of Living w/ ADD, will Literally Sabotage your plans; You’ll be called Lazy, Unmotivated, Messy, Disorganized, and worst! Your Self-Esteem Shot, it can Take Decades and an Unshakeable Belief in Your Self, to Dig Yourself Out…, only to Realize society’s Answer is: Drug’em, and not “ACCOMMODATE Them…” I’m Done! ma89🌸


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