Live Happy-Die Happy

What would you do if in a week you had a 75% chance of dying?

Random question, you might say but not really.  I had a conversation with a coworker in regards to a sitcom with a similar scenario.  I don’t know all the specifics because drama sitcoms are really not my thing.  I am more of a Fantasy/ Sci-fi chick.  Life has more than enough drama and I prefer not to use my limited TV watching time on unnecessary drama.  Ok-I need to stay on task.  He stated that a patient spent what he thought might be his last days on earth sending hate messages.  He sent them to all the people that he felt he was wronged by.  This got me thinking about a few things but my first thought was how sad.  I can’t imagine having that much hate to spend my last moments spewing negativity.  I would want to comfort those that I am leaving behind.  I would want my last thoughts to be of love and that is what I  would want to leave behind.  So… like I said I began to think of things I can do every day to ensure I  die happy.

  • Ego-Lose It

    • This is the first and most important thing I can do the prepare for a blissful end.  This will take a conscious effort because our egos can rear its ugly head when we least expect it.  So we must be vigilant in our effort to get rid of it.
  • Don’t take myself so serious

    • Laugh , laugh and when you want to cry, cry then go ahead and laugh.
  • Discover who I am and be proud of what I discovery.

    • We are all perfect in our imperfection but if you don’t like who you see change.  This doesn’t mean that you are not proud, it just means you want to be the best you possible.
  • Be open to all the good that the universe has waiting for me.

    • Call it karma or whatever you choose to.  If you put out good you get good. You must expect good things to happens while recognizing and accepting when it comes your way.
  • Love what I love with all my heart because I deserve nothing less.

    • This needs no explanation.
  • Communicate-Share my feeling if they are strong enough to affect tomorrow.

    • We often react to emotions that are fleeting and hold on to ones we need to deal with.  If the emotion is to someone who matters tell them and let it go.  If they care it will be resolved and if not decide if that person should really matter.  Most things can be talked out if both people are willing but either way today’s bad feelings do not belong in your tomorrow.  I am not saying to forget but use it to adapt how to handle with that person. Most importantly don’t let it alter your interaction with the rest of the world
  • Expect Nothing and appreciate everything” but never falter on what I want.

    • Remember the world owes you nothing but to be.  We often have such expectation for people and situations and then are so let down when reality does not reflect the picture in our head.  We meet people and want them to be something they can not be at this moment.  That is not to say they can not bet better but we have to accept where they are today.  Choose to give them room to grow or walk away if you can not.  People are who they are and we can save so much heartache if we accept that.   This also goes for work, home, your current situation or even a party.  Do not build up this great expectation but instead enjoy the moment. It is best to make best out of any situation until you can make a plan to make a change.  Happiness can’t be found by wallowing in our broken expectations.  It can be found by having a positive and appreciative heart and mind.  This is still one I  am working and It is hard to release expectation but every day it gets easier.
  • Never lower my standards but know when to adjust them.

    • Expecting nothing does not equate to lowering your standards.  You can only control you and nothing else so have standards and a plan for what you want.  If you want your dream job then work hard and go for what you want.  If you want to get married work on you. Be the person that the person that you want would want to marry. If something or someone does not fit your standards but you can see the value and worth you may need to adjust your standards.  Do not be so rigid that you miss out on great opportunities.  If there is no value in adjusting your standards you should move on with no regrets.  This is another one of my work in progress die happy task.
  • Do what I love even if it has to be a hobby to doing what I have to.

    • We were given passion and talents for a reason. We are doing a disservice to ourselves and the world when we don’t share them.  You may not be the best at what you love but you are your best.  We often make excuses and reasons why we can’t do something instead of just accepting that we can.  If you love to dance but have a job, family and responsibilities please don’t let that stop you.  You may have to dance at home until you can take lessons but still dance.  Sacrifice thing that don’t add to your life for things that do.  I have a perfect example, I had a friend that wanted to be a reporter but instead she works at a big box store.  Instead of pursuing her passion she spends time engulfed in TV, social media and shopping.  Theses were all valueless pursuits that got her no closer to what she wanted.  So like I said do what you love little by little until that is all you do.
  • Be kind to everyone, even if I have to fake it at first

    • I do not believe who we are is set in stone unless we make that choice.  Who we are is a choice and we can choose to be kind.  For some people it takes no effort and for others it is a struggle.  They say it takes 21 days to make a habit and say it takes willpower and consistency to change one.  So if you want to be kind or anything else you have to choose it.  The reason you are doing it does not matter because in the end it will be second nature.  Making a positive change is a great thing for you and everyone around you.
  • Treat people how I want to be treated not how I have been treated

    • Unfortunately, we can be self-absorb creatures but we can turn a flaw into a positive.  Don’t we all want the best for ourselves?   We can still be self-absorbed for a moment by feeding off the happiness of others.  Whatever it takes to get you there.  The best way to do this is to do more than for others than you may think they deserve.  Do what you would want to be done for you on your best day or in their situation without expecting anything back.  Just like being kind this will take willpower. It may be out of your comfort zone but so worth it.  Let me give a disclaimer-please don’t be naïve everyone is not ready to accept good intentions.  If someone is taking advantage of your kindness and stealing your joy find someone else who deserves it.  Like I said accept people for who they are in that moment without judgement.
  • Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter with people who matter”

    • I will start with this-I love Ted talks and instead of saying anything here I wanted to share one of my favorite talks to say it all.  Of course do not watch it until you are done here 🙂

I know my list is long but it is all necessary plus more to die happy and I am really looking forward to it.  I am not making light of death but dying happy means living happy!!!

So here is to living a happy life!!


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