African American History We Need to Talk About.

But they did it…

No matter who you are I am sure you have heard the phrase “If _______ jumped off the bridge, would you?”.  The name may change and sometimes it may be a lake or some other life ending act.  The point is our caregivers were trying to make a point, don’t be a follower.  They were sometimes trying to say just because ______ is doing something doesn’t mean that you can.  In most cases this is great thinking but sometime just sometimes it is the opposite.

The people who came before us thrived doing amazing things with much less. They created the stop light as we know it today and saved lives by repairing hearts.  So… when you look at it that way the answer should be yes. If you are asked “if Mr. Morgan invented the stop light, would you?” the answer should be yes and much more.  If they can do so much with so little with so much adversity, then we have no excuse.  We shall not wait for anyone to do for us what we can do for ourselves.  What is in our history, what is in our DNA and all that we are destined for.  One thing we must do is reprogram ourselves to see is that we are not of born of slaves.   We were born of great people, people who had their history stolen and their future rewritten.  We were renamed as though we were just created when they discovered us.  We were given our first name in their minds “slave”, bitter on my tongue “slave”.   When you accept a name from someone who has no right to name you then you give him power.  Our ancestors were not slaves; slavery was something that happen to us.  This injustice does not make us less of a people.  Think of it this way we don’t call Jewish holocist or whites slavers.  Don’t allow others to name you for a horrifying act that they did to you.  Follow those that did not let the name that was pushed on them define them.  There is a long list of people who thrived when the odds were against them. On this throwback Thursday lets salute them.  Honor those that history doesn’t always talk about.  We will keep the description brief as a gift to you, a gift of empowerment.  Do more research, learn more about them and don’t stop there add to it.  History has forgotten so many great blacks, let us not do the same.

Robert Smalls (1839-1915)

Pilot, Sea Captain & Politician


Noble Drew Ali (1886-1929)

Founder of Moorish Science Temple of America and believed in the pride and self-improvement of Blacks.


Matt Baker- First Successful Comic Book Artist


James E West designer of microphones-over 40 US patents and 200 foreign patents.


Onesimus-of the lOnesimus- of the late seventeenth century introduced inoculation to his slaver Cotton Mathers is 1706.



Bass Reeves  “Lone Ranger”

lone ranger


I could go on for as many hours as  are in this Thursday but I won’t, we have many Thursdays to come.  Every Black history month we only hear about a handful as though they are the exception to the rule but in greatness there are no rules.  I implore you do your own research, educate yourself and those you love of their history. Do not allow society to fill their heads with stories of victimized “slaves” who they seem to have detached their history from victimizing.  Our story needs to be told by us because if we are to grow the narrative must change. Choose-Believe-Achieve.

Side note: Feel free to share any history that you have discovered for there is always next Thursday.  This is a place of growth and while I believe in freedom of speech there will be no rocks thrown here.

Happy Thursday!!



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