Hmm… how do I feed my mind?  What does it want?  Is what it want today the same as what it may need tomorrow.

What the mind always needs is balance, to feed and engorged on a diet of opposites.

For a moment I thought If I only allowed positive things and thoughts in my mind would flourish in only positive thoughts.   Ha ha he he ha, was I wrong.   In embracing the Cherokee parable of the good wolf I may have gone a bit too far.  If you have never heard the Parable click here.  Even though you need to feed the good wolf there must be two wolves to battle.  It is like the internal struggle of Yin and Yang, the Tiger, and the Dragon.

It appears that we are creatures of intrigue or maybe it’s just me but I doubt it.  The more I tried to bottle up all “negative” thoughts, the larger the struggle of my mind, my body, and my soul became.  The thing is I need the not so good thoughts to really embrace the good ones.   I need to think”go ahead just gut punch her, just this once” because with that thought I also would examine why it was not okay to do so.  My not so good thoughts helped me to understand both sides of the coin in every situation. It helps me to choose to gut punch or nah and luckily I choose nah more often.

I want to open up my random mind and the struggles it faces to be the best me possible. The things that help me because perhaps it may help you.

It may not always be pretty but you know what world? This is ME!!!!