Who am I…

I am the girl next door that you never got to know. I am simply complicated.  I am perfectly imperfect without apologies.

My site was born from a change of perspective.  Sometimes we get sidetracked by living life.  It’s not about material things, how much stuff we can acquire but completely about living.  Living in its active form is accepting yourself, appreciation, common courtesy, and how you treat your fellow-man.  Sometimes this comes easily to us and other times it is truly a struggle.  When I first started I to just share my positive thoughts but then I realized that is not genuine.  I am like the bud of a flower with layers and depth.  Like a flower I can shut tightly and others times I truly blossom but it is still all me.  No one is butterflies and sunshine at all times(unfortunately).  So… I am here to share my random reflection of life, my good and my not so good in its extremely-imperfectly-random form.

Hope you enjoy and welcome to my world!!me 1