African American History We Need to Talk About.

History not so often told.


Positive Vibes Only

You walk into a room and something, you don't know what but something is just wrong.  Maybe it is the energy of the room or maybe it is the energy exuding from the people in the room.  No matter the source you know it is not a place you want to be.  If it is … Continue reading Positive Vibes Only


Yin and Yang characteristics!!!

My love for Rap?

I found myself falling out of love with the premise of Rap and it happened in a day.  On this day, the words became louder than beats on every bar blasting in my face.   Before that day-the beat was all that I heard-until I heard the "subject" matter that was so much more than … Continue reading My love for Rap?

Other Mother

She was beautiful She was accepting Molded me with her aura Effortlessly she was brilliant She was enduring Two she bore They were beautiful They were accepting They molded me with their aura Effortlessly they were brilliant They were enduring She was beautiful

Live Happy-Die Happy

What would you do if in a week you had a 75% chance of dying? Random question, you might say but not really.  I had a conversation with a coworker in regards to a sitcom with a similar scenario.  I don't know all the specifics because drama sitcoms are really not my thing.  I am … Continue reading Live Happy-Die Happy

Acceptance-Adult ADHD

 "All my life I had to fight” in my Oprah voice of course.  My fight was not with a man or any external factors but with my own mind.  It’s like I was constantly digging in a sand pit to find the real you.  For those who have never experienced what I am explaining it … Continue reading Acceptance-Adult ADHD


Thoughts unfiltered Spinning-crossing-dancing Tabs flying open Never closing Overstimulated Under motivated Thoughts unfiltered Thief of life-opportunity-potential Words racing-jumbled- mumbled Spilling out unrecognized Logical in head spinning Thoughts’ unfiltered Betrayed  brilliant brilliance                                                                                                                               Creative Creativity Luminous – sparkle-dulled Darken Thoughts unfiltered