My love for Rap?

I found myself falling out of love with the premise of Rap and it happened in a day.  On this day, the words became louder than beats on every bar blasting in my face.   Before that day-the beat was all that I heard-until I heard the "subject" matter that was so much more than … Continue reading My love for Rap?



Thoughts unfiltered Spinning-crossing-dancing Tabs flying open Never closing Overstimulated Under motivated Thoughts unfiltered Thief of life-opportunity-potential Words racing-jumbled- mumbled Spilling out unrecognized Logical in head spinning Thoughts’ unfiltered Betrayed  brilliant brilliance                                                                                                                               Creative Creativity Luminous – sparkle-dulled Darken Thoughts unfiltered    


He is perfect Why can’t he see He sees flaws He sees damage He sees broken Why is that all he see’s He is perfect That is all I see His flaws give character His damage transforms into perspective Broken he has grown strength He sees weakness All I see is perfection But Can I help him … Continue reading He


I don’t want to be strong Why do I always have to be strong? I want to be weak Fragile Vulnerable Are these things not for me? I want to feel safe Without fear Of what happens when I’m not strong They are supposed to protect us But instead they hurt us Demean us Taking … Continue reading Orchid


  I was once a porcelain doll But I was played with Carelessly dropped Fumbled without care Without any thought Fragile I am I am a porcelain doll I once had value Is my value no more? I am now worth nothing? Worth nothing to the  puppet master He who blamed me for being a … Continue reading Shattered

You Are

  He tells me I can be too hard but what else can I do if I remove my shell he just pokes me and bruises me and hurts me he hurts me like no one can I need my shell But again he shrills” you are too hard” You are not perfect But without … Continue reading You Are

Little Girl

little black girl be strong don’t cry you can’t cry instead smile when you are sad smile when you are in pain smile little black girl do not let them see you sweat you are strong remember you have to be strong don’t sweat instead smile play like you are a child a child like … Continue reading Little Girl