Not so good wolf

I wish all my thoughts came wrapped in a bow but surprise, surprise they don’t.  As positive as I can be is a negative as I can be.  I had a coworker tell me that I should share more of my thoughts and all I could do was laugh.  I laughed because some of my thoughts are not made for civilized ears and would make a grown man cry.  Therefore, I have bottled them up, haha until now.  You have the joy of visiting with my darker side and I must warn you it is not alway pretty.  I will say this, I have been blessed with self-control and a conscience, therefore no one has or will be injured, maimed or killed by the thoughts.  They are my Yin to my Yang,  the nights to my days, my darker wolf being feed because one can not exist without the other. Please cover your virgin ears, read without judgment and only if you are not easily offended.

This is my world or at least part of me out loud and in living color.